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Isle of Palms Hurricane Shutters


Shutter Service & Sales, LLC proudly serves IOP! Protect your home and your family against the coastal elements of Isle of Palms. We have a wide range of shutter styles to match any home and situation. We pride ourselves on excellent service and guarantee that you will be beyond happy with our products and work ethic.

We will customize a hurricane shutter solution that is unique to your Isle of Palms residence. You can protect your family and improve your home’s appearance at the same time.

Why do you need to consider hurricane shutters for your windows on the Isle of Palms?

Here are a few reasons:

Hurricane Hugo made landfall near IOP with 120 knot winds. It moved across the low country at 30 miles per hour while maintaining hurricane force winds as far inland as Sumter, South Carolina. The Hurricane finally exited the State just South of Charlotte, NC, on September 22. The hurricane killed 13 people directly and 22 more indirectly. Several hundred people were badly injured. Damage in the State was estimated to exceed $7 billion, including $2 billion in crop damage. The forests in 36 counties along the path of the storm sustained major damage. Homes with just glass between the storm and their interiors did not stand a chance. Most of those families lost all of their possessions.

From 1990 to 2009, South Carolina had three more dangerous hurricanes – and one severe tropical storm – make landfall on the coast.

  • Tropical Storm Kyle (35 kts) in 2002
  • Hurricane Gaston (65 kts)
  • Hurricane Charley (70 kts) in 2004.
  • Hurricane Floyd, – Sep 1999, a very large storm, came very close to the South Carolina coast, then made landfall near Cape Fear, North Carolina. Hurricane Floyd triggered mandatory coastal evacuations along the South Carolina coast.

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