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Kiawah Island Hurricane Shutters


Shutter Service & Sales, LLC proudly serves Kiawah Island! Protect your Kiawah home and your family against the real threat of hurricanes. We have a wide range of shutter styles to match any home and situation. We pride ourselves on excellent service and guarantee your satisfaction when it comes to our hurricane products and work ethic.

We will customize a hurricane shutter solution that is unique to your Kiawah Island residence. Protect your family and improve your home’s appearance at the same time.

Why you need to seriously consider quality hurricane shutters for your Kiawah home:

Kiawah is a barrier island and is very susceptible to damage from severe weather. Natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes are potential hazards that need to be taken very seriously by individual residents and property owners.

Residents of Kiawah Island should stay informed of weather conditions which may present a very real threat to their property. One way to be proactive is to look into the best hurricane protection for your home. They’ve come before and they will come again. It’s not a matter of if but when. Even if your insurance covers the damage, you will never get back those important family items like pictures and memoirs that will be lost if the windows give and the wind and water get into the house.

  • Hurricane Hugo made landfall near with 120 knot winds.
  • Tropical Storm Kyle (35 kts) in 2002
  • Hurricane Gaston (65 kts)
  • Hurricane Charley (70 kts) in 2004.
  • Hurricane Floyd, -Sep 1999, a very large storm, came very close to the South Carolina coast, then made landfall near Cape Fear, North Carolina. Hurricane Floyd triggered mandatory coastal evacuations along the South Carolina coast.

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