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Bahama Shutters

For homeowners who want to maintain a distinct Island aura around their home yet still remain protected from harsh weather, Bahama shutters are the perfect option. This architecturally pleasing shutter is easy to install on an existing home and is easy to operate.¬† It also provides lighting and ventilation benefits that other solutions like hurricane panels and roll shutters don’t provide.

Island Look and Feel

Some homeowners like to stand out. If you’re the type that would rather spend a little more in order for your home to have a distinct look and feel, Bahama shutters are worth a look. Derived from the Caribbean concept of storm shutters, Bahama shutters allow you to add a beautiful accent to your home without sacrificing durability or storm protection.

Shading and Ventilation

Most other shutter styles won’t offer the shading and ventilation benefits that Bahama shutter do. The design of this type of shutter makes enables it to let fresh air throughout the home while still providing necessary shade.