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Colonial Shutters

Colonial shutters are the most popular type of shutter. Most are exclusively decorative: vacuum-formed plastic permanently screwed to the wall on either side of the window. These accents do nothing to protect the home from hurricane damage, which is why Shutter Service & Sales offers Colonial shutters.


Colonial Shutters from Shutter Service & Sales are the real thing, and are a more attractive option for some people than solutions like accordion storm shutters or bahama shutters. Our impact-rated hurricane shutters come in a variety of styles: Raised Panel, Louvered, Board and Batten. Impact-rated raised-panel, like our board and batten shutters, are made of a combination of materials: PVC is used for the face of the shutter, the stiles (left and right edges) are fiberglass and the back of the shutter encases a sheet of Lexan. All of these materials are rated for hurricanes and won’t rot or deteriorate over time.

Southern Look and Feel

With Colonial styling, you can get hurricane shutters without sacrificing the appearance of your home. Keep with the common thread in the community by choosing shutters inspired by the Colonial South, and keep your family and your property protected from the perils of harsh storms.

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