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Seabrook Island Hurricane Shutters

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Shutter Service & Sales, LLC is Seabrook Island’s go-to provider of hurricane shutters and repair services. If you’re looking for a customized hurricane shutter solution that can help protect your home from the elements during a ravaging storm, look no further than our wide range of shutter styles and service solutions. We’re here to handle all your questions about hurricane shutters for windows and other entrances so that you can be prepared when the next storm makes its way towards the South Carolina coast.

Shutter Service & Sale’s philosophy is rooted in one concept – customer satisfaction. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy – which is why we go to great lengths to ensure that your project is completed professionally and promptly and that you’re 100% satisfied with the results. Got questions about our hurricane shutter services in Seabrook Island?

Hurricane storm shutters provide a line of defense between your home’s vulnerable entryways – windows, doors, balconies, patios, sunrooms, pool rooms – and the harsh elements of tropical storms, hurricanes and other occurrences such as water spouts.

South Carolina has a long history of dealing with hurricane damage, which is why homes in the Seabrook Island area can especially benefit from protective storm shutters. Storms like Hurricane Hugo – which destroyed the SC coast in 1989 – are more of a matter of “when” in the context of South Carolina history than “if.” Hugo put out winds of more than 120 knots, which was enough to destroy many of the homes on Seabrook Island and throughout the Charleston area. Homes fitted with protective storm shutters fared much better than their exposed counterparts.

Other damaging storms including Hurricane Floyd (1999) Tropical Storm Kyle (2002), Hurricane Gaston (2004) and Hurricane Charley (2004) have caused property damage ranging from significant to catastrophic. In almost all cases, homeowners who had chosen to invest in hurricane shutters were better equipped to deal with the aftermath of the storm and the implications of the damage.

If you’re living in Seabrook Island, there are few better investments you can make than to contact Shutter Service & Sales, LLC to get a free quote. Protect your home, your belongings and your family.

Hurricane Shutters for South Carolina Homes