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Why Use Plantation Shutters in the South?

Plantation shutters are a great alternative to curtains and blinds. Although they may not be as popular as fabric curtains and venetian blinds, plantation shutters are still especially useful in blocking the sunlight and keeping the heat out of the house.

These plantation shutters consist of wide planks set in a solid frame.The basic idea behind the design of these shutters has been around for centuries—and it even goes back to the Middle Ages. However, the name only came about during the period when these shutters were used extensively in the Caribbean and South American plantation homes and mansions.

Protection from Sunlight and Heat

Today, many homes in the South still have large windows that let abundant daylight into the rooms.As aforementioned, plantation shutters are useful in protecting these houses from sunlight and heat.

The slats of the plantation shutters are operable, which means that they can be rotated to control the amount of sunlight streaming in. These slats come in a wide range of sizes. Whenever the slats are closed, the plantation shutters can prevent the sunlight from directly entering your room. This is especially useful if the weather is too warm, or if you need to sleep during the day. Moreover, the shutters can also protect your furnishings from the harmful UV rays from the sun.

The plantation shutters also allow the air to enter the room and to keep the area cool. While the solid slats of the plantation shutters keep the sunlight from entering, the spaces between them promote excellent cross-ventilation within the house.

Keep out the Rain and the Cold

In homes that have no glass windows, the plantation shutters can be used to keep the rain out during a stormy weather. Since plantation shutters are made with rigid slats and a solid frame, they will not rattle against the gusts of wind.

During winter, the shutters can also provide an extra layer of insulation from the cold. The shutters can be completely closed, or slightly opened for air flow.This insulating property of the plantation shutters can help you lower your energy bills during the winter season.


Plantation shutters can provide complete blockage from the outside. The operable slats of the plantation shutters can be used to control the level of visibility of the interior.


Today, plantation shutters come with security features such as locking systems. In addition to the latches that your windows may have, the locking system that the plantation shutters have can help you keep your peace of mind especially during the night or when you leave the house.

Plantation Shutter Aesthetics

Plantation shutters can be used to add aesthetic value to a room. Plantation shutters are traditionally made of wood, but they can also be made of composite materials, metals and plastics. With such wide range of construction materials, you can easily choose one that will be most suitable to the architectural style of your home. Contact the Plantation Shutters seabrook island sc experienced team at Shutter Service serving Seabrook Island SC at 843-514-2568 for the best Plantation Shutters prices in seabrook island sc.

For example, you can choose aluminum shutters or other lightweight metals for your modern home.You can choose wooden shutters, and stain or varnish them to match the color palette of your house. Likewise, you can also choose shutters made of composite materials or plastics, and paint them. Composite materials look a lot like real wood, but the synthetic composition of the material will be able to stand up to high humidity. Moreover, composite materials can resist fading as well as cracking.

Aside from the different materials, there are also different designs to choose from. The standard plantation shutters cover the entire window opening. In the middle of the window, there will be a rod that can be used to open and close the slats. For large windows and sliding glass doors, the plantation shutters can be hinged. This way, the entire frame of the plantation shutters can be either be pushed or folded to the side to fully reveal the window opening.

The café-style plantation shutters cover only a portion of the window opening. This way, the interior shutters will be able to provide privacy without blocking the entire window. For triangular, circular or irregularly shaped windows, the plantation shutters can be constructed to fit the window opening.


Plantation shutters can be used to create an illusion of larger window and door openings. For example, you can install large plantation shutters that extend above, below and at the sides of the openings.

Aside from their applications on window and door openings, plantation shutters can also be used as space dividers. For example, they can be used to provide a demarcation between the kitchen and the dining area. Also, they can be used to enclose open spaces such as patios, porches and verandas.

Plantation shutters are very multi-functional. They can control the amount of sunlight and air coming into the room, provide extra insulation, offer privacy from the outside environment, keep your window opening secure, and even add elegance to your rooms. Given all these, it is evident how much versatile and useful plantation shutters are. Contact the Plantation Shutters seabrook island sc experienced team at Shutter Service serving Seabrook Island SC at 843-514-2568 for the best Plantation Shutters prices in seabrook island sc.